Cheap homeowners insurance in the test: Where top protection costs little

Homeowners should not forego the protection of building insurance. Because even a small damage to the house, for example by storm, fire or frost, can significantly burden the household budget. However, a very good protection does not have to be expensive, as a new test shows. Cheap homeowners insurance are already available from 18 euros a month.

“Homeowners need a homeowners insurance,” says the Stiftung Warentest. Damage to the house can ruin the owner financially. Also the consumer center North Rhine-Westphalia emphasizes in the course of the current test of the Handelsblatt that ” residential buildings insurances against the existence-threatening total loss of the own four walls protect .” But some homeowners frighten because of the high costs before the insurance back. The latest test winners show that even a cheap homeowners insurance can offer the best services .

22 residential property insurers in comparison

On behalf of the Handelsblatt, the rating agency Franke and Bornberg examined 22 insurers with regard to their services and their price. The basis of the investigation is a single-family house with garage, which was built in 2015. It has a developed pitched roof, no cellar and a living area of ​​134 square meters. In order to be able to better compare the different providers in terms of price, the testers have examined the tariffs for five different cities (Hanover, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg). The cheapest very good homeowners insurance costs just 216 euros a year, that is 18 euros a month.

Comparing homeowners insurance: Pay attention to limited benefits

In addition to the classic risks such as damage caused by storms, fire and tap water , other services are covered by the building insurance policies examined. For example, they also pay for overvoltage damage, elimination of graffiti, cleanup costs and gross negligence on the part of the insured. Homeowners, for whom certain services are particularly important, should be aware of reimbursement limits. For example, only a small number of insurers pay in unlimited amounts for damage to drainage pipes on the property. Some limit the protection to 2,500 euros per case.

Cheap homeowners insurance: top protection from 216 euros a year

In the residential building insurance test of the Handelsblatt WGV (“Optimal”) collects the most points. 2nd place is shared by HDI (“Wohngebäude Premium”), Janitos (“Best Selection”), GVO (“Top-Vit”) and InterRisk (“Konzept XXL ohne Beitragsanpassung”). Third place is followed by AXA (“BOXflex EFH / ZFH”) and Waldenburger (“Premium”). After all, even media (“Premium WFL”) secures a very good rating. Another nine insurers achieve a good overall rating, four are satisfactory.

Only one tariff can not convince the experts and ends up with a sufficient grade in last place. The insurer is also the most expensive in the test. With him the protection costs depending upon place of residence between 993 euro and 1,156 euro in the year. However, for a very good and cheap homeowners insurance paid insured less than 250 euros a year . The annual fees for one of the top rates vary by city as follows:

  • Hannover – 216 euros to 333 euros
  • Munich – 258 euros to 346 euros
  • Berlin – 216 euros to 321 euros
  • Cologne – 312 euros to 430 euros
  • Hamburg – 242 euros to 384 euros