Comfortable feeding or the “Comfort food” by Jamie Oliver

Jamie_Oliver_cooking I landed the other day by chance on the umpteenth TV show and, unlike what I usually do under these circumstances, I was more or less hooked . The reason was none other than the knowledge of its protagonist and driver, Jamie Oliver , cook who has already appeared on many occasions in this blog. The fact is that this guy is nice to me especially because of the importance he gives to the fact that we cook more ; not to mention his special workhorse focused on infant feeding .

Well, the issue is that I fell in front of his new program (at least I believe that new in Spain) called Comfort food and that could be translated as “the food that makes you feel comfortable”. Then, diving through the net, I checked that there is a web page about it (the one previously linked) and that there is also a homonymous book that completes the marquetiniana play. It does not seem bad to me … as long as it is observed with the proper perspective .

I mean, at least in the program, Jamie Oliver tries to invite the audience to spend more time (ours) to the kitchen . Not as a way to waste it but to invest it. Despite the fact that sometimes it does not use especially economic ingredients, it is necessary to recognize its concern to bring the recipes without any bullshit and every day to our televisions kitchens . That message ends up modifying our habits of life and is reflected in positive attitudes in front of the stoves and depends on each one.

In any case, I found it to be a frankly attractive program , in which Jamie captures succulent recipes that are relatively simple to make, although they are a little too focused on recipe books and British-style cooking . Anyway, I’ve always said the same thing, to me the recipes, either in a magazine, book or program, rarely interest me to do them at face value but to catch some idea that may be interesting, some trick, and so on. . I’ve already made it clear that pastry is not my thing.

The Aesthethic

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His aesthetic is very careful and breaks diametrically with these attractive sets and with those kitchens and glowing, if not dazzling, dishes to which we are accustomed by the programs of this style. On the contrary, an intimate, more or less disheveled aesthetics has been sought , with culinary processes outdoors, pots and utensils in general that seem to be taken out of a rake rather. Let’s say that it has been provided with a very folk, indie and homemade aesthetic … sometimes maybe a little exaggerated for my taste. And it is that, however much in your house you are supposed to be … Jamie, hell, take off that pair of anillacos that you wear when you love, stir and, in general, you dedicate yourself to manipulating the food with your hands. And is that home cooking does not have to be at odds with food safety. Home-made whatever you want … but not guarded.

Another issue is the recurring advice to some foods of ecological origin making it seem (or saying openly) that they are better … Well, besides that I do not share this perspective , with sincerity, once in this dynamic I do not understand why some foods do (ecological) ) and others not. You know, I’m more of closeness, a concept that also comes out from time to time.

For everything else, I already tell you that if you intend to cook what you eat (which I recommend) this program has seemed curious, entertaining and from which you can get some good ideas.

As an example, here are some tips from this chef on his Food Tube channel, with small lessons on how to make a good grilled steak , his “defnitive” tomato salad , and so on.