Daniel Estulin: "We are on the verge of a global economic collapse and the dismantling of the capitalist system"

We are on the verge of a global economic collapse and the dismantling of the capitalist system

Daniel Estulin became world famous with his series of books about the Bilderberg Club . Thanks to him we knew that there is a power in the shadows, beyond the control of governments, that moves the threads of the world economy to perpetuate itself in power. Until now, the model implemented by David Rockefeller and Henry Kissinger that turned capitalism into a voracious extractive model in search of infinite growth did not encounter opposition. He already has it.

And Donald Trump is the visible face of a counter-power woven by the common interests of other giants: the British Empire, Hong Kong, the Rothschilds and the European aristocracy are the support of the current US president. And both models can not coexist. This is what Estulin explains (author of works such as Octopus Conspiracy, Demonating Wikileaks and Out of Control) in the work he just published, La trastienda de Trump (Planeta). According to him he says is the best of all his books.

All the governments of the USA have intervened in distant places (from Vietnam to Nicaragua or Afghanistan) according to their own interest. With Donald Trump in the White House, are we closer to a conflict on a global scale?

I really doubt it. Trump is 90% percent an unavoidable reaction to the foreign policy of the United States and, surely, also to domestic politics, because today the line that separates the two has become very blurred. National sovereignty has been replaced little by little by corporate sovereignty. Initially nurtured by the state, major transnational corporations, global financial institutions and international online communities have become powerful enough to demand independent policies and, in some cases, dictate the needs and opportunities of entire countries, including the United States. These actors, who are not States, are those who shape the current global agenda.

Who in Washington fears that Trump could approach Russia and China, the traditional enemies of the United States?

Who in Washington fears that Trump could approach Russia and China, the traditional enemies of the United States?

Anyone linked to the liberal / banker / financier model. Since the financial crisis of 2008, the elites of financial circles have been limited to continue expanding their savage assault against the standards of life of their population and the laws of physical economic progress, while still enriching. Its financial system is condemned and could explode at any moment, which would unleash an unimaginable social chaos throughout the world. The idea that Donald Trump will unite the United States with Russia, China and India in a new paradigm of economic development is observed on his part, not without success, as a mortal threat to his existence.

Even in the Republican Party, support for Donald Trump is not complete, high-ranking party officials, such as John McCain, have spoken ill of him. Would it be appropriate to use the metaphor that, in order to confront Clinton, some fed the beast too much and it got out of hand?

Trump is fighting against the Deep State. And the Deep State does not distinguish between parties: its economic model is based on unlimited growth on a planet with limited natural resources. That is why both Republicans and McCain and former President Bush Sr. voted against Trump; they and the Democrats have Trump as their enemy. It is evident that the only possibility for financiers to guarantee their own survival is to control the Federal Reserve system from the White House. That is why the bankers / financiers promote certain people (Hillary Clinton) to occupy the position of president of the United States. Had Clinton been elected president, she would have protected them from the ongoing setback.

That Deep State of which you speak, the Government of the World Enterprise SA as you also call it on other occasions – of which Bilderberg and other private clubs would be the semivisible tip – has men everywhere. How could they not truncate Trump’s promotion until he became president?

Because the people behind Donald Trump are infinitely more powerful than those who supported Clinton. Trump vs. Clinton was a battle for the survival of two economic models that can not coexist. It is the struggle between Clinton as the visible face of a transnational power centered on the figure of Rockefeller, transnational bankers, Empresa Mundial SA, that is, economic factual powers with more power than any government on Earth. They are joined by globalists, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, the Washington bureaucracy, Wall Street, intelligence agencies and the media against Donald Trump. And he is backed by non-American financiers focused on the City of London, Singapore, Hong Kong (the world center for the laundering of money from drugs and under British intelligence and control), the remnants of the elite of the British Empire, Rothschild and, finally, the European elites represented by the old continental aristocracy of the Houses of Saxony, Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman nobility, the Guelphs and Venetian Black Nobility.

The World Government SA must be extremely tempting.

The World Government SA must be extremely tempting.

How do you foresee that they may be tempting Trump, a multimillionaire who, after entering the Oval Office, has everything?The game is much bigger than World Government. It is about saving the world from a third thermonuclear war. If we come to an economic collapse (and we will arrive if in less than a year they do not find an alternative economic model) the war will begin. The alternative group (the isolationists who supported Trump) understand it and for that reason already in 2014 they also began to position themselves for the next general elections of 2016 in the United States. Why Trump? It is not political, because politicians think first and foremost about how to avoid exposure and, therefore, remain vulnerable. On the contrary, Trump thinks about how to obtain results. Therefore, there was no division between parties (Republican vs. Democrat), as in 2014, but in its own bosom: the Republicans won because the plan to start the printing press for money and thus save the global financial system was associated to the Democrats, while the plan to save the national economy was associated with the Republicans. The most outstanding isolationists, that is, the defenders of the national economy, were Rand Paul and Trump, of the Republican Party, and Bernie Sanders, of the Democratic Party. That’s why President Obama, at the beginning, strongly supported Sanders. The chronology of the events is easy to follow: the Strauss-Kahn case took place in 2011; the Goldman Sachs scandal occurred in 2013; Obama stopped monetary printing (quantitative easing) in 2014, and in 2016 there was brexit in the United Kingdom and Trump’s victory in the United States.

In the book you use harsh concepts against Western governments and the offices of London and Wall Street that your readers already know. I am referring to the accusations of being allies of the drug cartels and the arms traffickers. How can Trump’s arrival interfere in this lucrative international shed?

The drug is the lubricant of the world economy that moves 950 billion dollars a year in cash. The best way to take power away from the Deep State behind the drug business is to eliminate the agents that move this market, especially the CIA. So, with Trump, we are seeing the realignment of a part of privatized finance with the military and military intelligence. The Office of Naval Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the National Reconnaissance Office, the National Security Agency, etc., are all aligning with Trump. What they are doing is leaving the CIA out in the open. If you have these agencies, why do you need the CIA? The only thing the CIA does and that you might need is related to drug trafficking and covert operations. Except that the other intelligence agencies are equally capable of carrying out such operations. In other words, we seem to be witnessing a classic case of isolation. They are not going to get rid of the CIA; they’re just going to make it irrelevant. Gradually, over time, the budget will sink and the national security financial resources will go to the other agencies. If this reading is correct, and we have to assume that it is, then I suspect that at some point in his first or second term, if Trump is re-elected, we will attend a major restructuring of the entire United States Intelligence.

The most interesting thing about your books is that you reveal organisms, groups and interests that citizens did not know about. You claim that Trump has interests with the Russian-Israeli Mafia. Who is what some call the ‘red kosher nostra’?

They are billionaires oligarchs of the former Soviet Union, all Jews, or so they say, which are related to the commercial activities of both the Trump Organization and the Kushner companies. Western media companies have been misinforming this important fact and have invented catchy phrases to distract attention, such as Russian hackers, Putin agents, Russian computer warfare and other pejorative terms for Russia. Nowhere in the scandalous propaganda about Trump’s criminal connections has it been heard: Russian-Israeli, Ukrainian-Israeli, Uzbek-Israeli, Baskiro-Israeli, Kazakh-Israeli or Kyrgyz-Israeli, and instead, billionaire gangsters and tycoons from the republics of the former Soviet Union dominate. the business empires of Donald Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner. That the media is not able to mention that the Eastern European mafia connected with Trump / Kushner is Jewish is so hypocritical that these same media did not recognize that the drug cartels of Sinaloa and Los Zetas are Mexican; Cosa Nostra, Camorra and ‘Ndrangheta, Italians; the Yakuza, Japanese, and the bands of the Crisps and the Bloods, African-American.

The global future that you foresee is the total economic collapse. Could you briefly explain when it will happen and where will it start?

The global future that you foresee is the total economic collapse. Could you briefly explain when it will happen and where will it start?

There are two scenarios. With Clinton we would have had another six or eight months of quantitative expansion with the issuance of unlimited amounts of cash. During that period, oil prices and markets would have risen and finally, in eight months, that money would have returned to the US market. That would have caused a very high inflation (above the current rate of stratospheric inflation) that would have burst all the bubbles of the financial markets (bonds, derivatives, securities, real estate, etc). The final result, the economic collapse, is the same with Clinton and with Trump. We are on the verge of a global economic collapse and the dismantling of the capitalist system. The only difference is that Clinton would have led us to a world war, which probably would have meant the end of humanity as we know it. Is war a way to forgive the debt? Well, no. With the war you cancel the responsibility, but the final result is the same; the planet Earth, as we know it, ceases to exist.

Then, you come to say that Hillary Clinton had unleashed hell. What will happen to Trump?

Then, you come to say that Hillary Clinton had unleashed hell. What will happen to Trump?

Donald Trump represents another scenario, which witnessed how Obama put the printing press in an inactive mode in 2014. Trump puts the national interests of the US first, focusing on improving the economy and getting rid of the huge debt. So how will Trump take over the debt? The theory is very simple: increasing the cost of the loans and canceling them as part of a bankruptcy process, since it will be impossible to deal with the debt that is accumulating. At that time, the US economy will begin to breathe. However, this will lead to the fall of banks that include this debt in their balance sheets as their main assets. In other words, Trump’s plans are an attempt to save the US economy at the expense of banks and the financial system itself. While Clinton would have tried to rescue the banks at the expense of the US economy and the growing impoverishment of its citizens. So it would be naive to think that they can reach a consensus. The plans of Trump and Clinton (or, rather, of the forces behind them) are incompatible. Also, if Trump goes ahead with his plans, he will wipe out the elites who support Clinton (Wall Street, hedge funds, speculative financial interests). They will remain alive – I admit that many things can happen – but they will lose the resources they used to have. Clinton’s plans would endanger the real sector of the US economy that brought Trump to power. As in the movie The Immortals , only one will survive.

A couple of days ago I read in the press that the EU warns that Russia is launching propaganda in Catalonia in order to weaken the Spanish state and thus, in short, the EU. If anyone knows what is true about that, it is a Russian counterintelligence exoronel, that is, Daniel Estulin. There is?

We have been in the US for a year with thousands of congressional committees and mass media investigating the alleged Russian interference. Result: a completely discredited Steele dossier. And two days ago, Bill Binney, one of the most legendary agents of the NSA and creator of its most sophisticated programs saying publicly that the hack was internal and that the Russians had nothing to do. Even so, the liberal / banker / financier forces are playing their survival and it will not be a problem to die by killing, that is, to bring the world to destruction via the third thermonuclear war.