Relaxation experience with beauty treatment

Modern people have many stresses, many people have exhausted their bodies and minds.
Let’s experience such relaxation esthetic by those people.
“Relaxation” is the skin care meaning of “healing” , but the way it depends on the esthetic salon.
For example, there are many relaxation experiences of beauty salon such as hair salon ranking massage of body and facial at aesthetic salon, aromatherapy, thalassotherapy, recently popular bedrock baths and germanium hot baths, and foot massage massage.
Experience aesthetic massage by aesthetician using aroma oil and body treatment, you can heal both body and mind.
In addition, at the esthetic salon, we devised a foundation in the experiences room, letting the sound of the water and the sound of the wind, the sound of the air and the flower drift, the song of peaceful music to shed, so as to be able to receive treatment It is.
There is also a place equipped with a relaxation corner that you can experience massage by estheticians and FX foot massage massage after bathing in hot spring facilities .
For gifts to yourself who are trying hard on your day, you can try to experience all by forgetting to immerse in the world of relaxation by esthetics.
Beauty correction with beauty treatment
There may be few people who know that they can experience FX comparative treatment of beauty correction which straightens the skeleton and pelvic distortion .
However, if you notice, a woman who is becoming a hunched back and wears an epilator foot may have distorted pelvis.
It would be a good idea for those of you to experience beauty correction with esthetic.
The cause of the distortion of the skeleton / pelvis is thought to occur as the muscles asta lift and twist, which is caused by thickening and shortening and the bones being pulled. In the esthetics, warming up the body and improving blood circulation by massaging, muscles Experience the treatment to relax the rest and guide the skeleton to the correct position.
Go in place from inside the body makeup and Ru, on even body line be beautiful with the slurry, also obtained a healthy body.
There is “relaxation salon lure” in the salon, and “Ruil BASIC course” can be experienced for the first time 22,050 yen.
In addition, “Aquamarine” hairdressing beauty correction “distortion balance course” is an osteopathy, a chiropractic, a cranioopathy from among all kinds of manual therapy, using beauty care technology to assemble and experience the experience People who have realized the effect from the first time.